Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Should auld aquaintance... 

...um, I forget. Anyway, I almost let December slip by without a post. Naughty me. I really would have posted, but December was so gosh darn busy, what with overtime and birthdays and Christmas and snowstorms and all. So now it's December 31st and I'd like to do a retrospective of 2008 but, a) I only have 44 minutes left and, b) my life in 2008 wasn't all that exciting, now was it? So I guess I'll just skip it. I will say that I survived the Great Northwest Blizzard of 2008 just fine. My Midwest upbringing paid off in that I was able to make it into work every day that there was snow on the ground. After about a week of that, I realized that while I was busy patting myself on the back for my superior winter driving skills, I was at work while those I looked down upon were enjoying a day or two off in the snow. Sometimes there is justice after all. Oh, well. At least I was getting paid.

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