Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ah, whatever shall I write? I'm currently at the Library, downloading radio programs for Noodles. I can't afford a DSL connection, but with an AirPort card and free WiFi at the Seattle Public Library, I don't have to. The Library is quite busy this cool and rainy afternoon. There were so many kids running about that I thought there must have been a class having a field trip or something. I'm wondering how we ever fit this many people in the old library building. Or has patronage at this branch really picked up?

Hmmm, it seems that my Mac or Firefox or whatever has an efficient method to help me monitor my downloads. I start the file downloading, then switch to this window and start typing. When the file has finished downloading, my cursor mysteriously exits the text field and my keystrokes go straight into the ether. Wunnerful.

Not much on the agenda for tonight. Last night I went to the InDesign users group meeting where they demonstrated all the new wonders in the CS4 applications. I was dutifully impressed, but the skeptic in me wondered how much RAM and processing power those bells and whistles sucked up. I guess I'll find out in about ten years when I'll be buying the computers and software that are new today.

Ah, finished with the shows from 2005. That should keep her busy for a couple of days. Think I'll post this sucker and maybe browse the stacks a bit.

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