Thursday, November 27, 2008

Praise and thanksgiving 

So Thanksgiving has come and ('tis almost) gone. I hope you had a happy one. Mine was okay. One downer was that I haven't been feeling to Thanksgivingly. I first noticed it last Friday. We were at a prayer meeting and for a prayer topic, our leader suggested we think about those thing in the past year for which we were exceptionally thankful. The problem was, I wasn't feeling exceptionally thankful. Sure, I had plenty for which to be thankful--a decent job, good health, a loving family, a big bag of dark chocolate M&Ms--but none of them were causing my heart to well up with thankfulness. Instead I seem to just be taking them all for granted. A very foolish attitude, I know. I think I'm subconsciously longing for some thrill, something novel in my life to distract me from the daily routine. Not a terrible rut to be stuck in, but a rut nonetheless. Anyway, I have no point to make with these ramblings, so I think I'll just stop here.

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