Saturday, March 01, 2008

What do you get? 

Well, my new boss, John Emdall, has failed to fulfill his promise to tend to our raises by the end of February. In the one month since he took ownership of Yoyodyne, all he seems to have done is rearrange the shop floor, paint the pressroom walls and give lots of tours. So far I've met John's mother, his kids, his sister and her husband, and one of his cousins as they've toured the building. (I also met his wife, but that was at the old boss' retirement party.) Actually, I'm not really dissatisfied. He's also given tours to some potential customers and has said very complimentary things about us when he's passed through. And he makes a point to greet us every morning. Work is pretty good, really. Still, a raise would be nice. Um, that's assuming I was going to get a raise. I suppose there is a chance that John Emdall did tend to the raises and I just didn't rate. That would explain why the guys keep wanting to go out to lunch every other Friday....

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