Saturday, March 08, 2008


What a wonderful week for brain candy! Not only has Sluggy Freelance started a new Harry Potter parody (the jokes of which I will now be able to get), but I also borrowed a mess o' Doctor Who DVDs from the library. I first put in a request for them a couple of months ago, after reading something about the latest series on the 'net. (Jack's blog, maybe? I forget.) My name sat in the hold queue for weeks on end until -Blam!- I find that the disks are in transit. Watching the series (the first of the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston) brought back memories of experiencing the good Doctor back in the 80s. They've done a good job of capturing the same wonder and sense of humor that was so appealing in the older series. I was also a bit surprised to recall that Doctor Who is in many ways a horror series. As I've left my handful of Doctor Who tapes gather dust on the shelf, my memory has been fading so that I had recalled the series as being more of a science fiction adventure vehicle. But as I watch Rose run from a Dalek, or Autons terrorise a mall, I realize that really there were a lot of grisly deaths and scary monsters back in the old episodes. (Well, scary until it's revealed that those long shadows were cast by a guy in a rubber suit.) So, as has been happening way too much lately, I find myself putting off useful work around the home and dragging the comfy chair in front of the telly to lose myself in 45 minutes of fantasy. It's a pity I have to waste so much time working for a living.....

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