Sunday, January 13, 2008

Here we go again 

It's deja vu all over again. Back on January 2nd we had a state of the company meeting at work. The company, we were told, is for sale. Well, all but sold, actually. Some of my coworkers were quite shaken by the news. Me, I haven't been employed there long enough to be shaken. Besides, this is the fourth time I've been sold out. I've endured a buyout which didn't affect me in the least and one that gradually transformed the company into a Dilbert strip. I'm content to see what happens. I'm not expecting it too be too bad. My fellow pre-press grunt, however, is taking a more pessimistic wait-and-see stance. He's also a buyout veteran, but he's experienced layoffs and pay cuts. Of course, he seems to have endured a lot of grief from his past employers. Sometimes I have to wonder: Has he been exceptionally cursed? Or have I just been exceptionally blessed?

Anyway, this past week, we got to meet the new big kahuna. He seems nice enough. He's optimistic, but hasn't been promising a bright and wonderful future. For that I was grateful. If he started going on and on about how we're on the verge of some magnificent growth, I would have been combing the want ads. The only thing he did say that gave me pause was mentioning off-handedly about adding a second shift. As second pre-press banana, I guess I would be a prime candidate for a second shift position. The problem is, I'm enjoying having my evenings free. I'm not so sure I'd want to go back to the swing shift life. On the other hand, that would probably mean extra cash....

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