Friday, October 19, 2007

October Weblogger's Meetup Report 

I went to the Weblogger's meetup last Wednesday. 'Twas a unique gathering--totally attended by Mac users. That was actually bad news, because that meant that our beloved and fearless leader, Anita Rowland, wasn't there. She's been having a bad time, healthwise, and wasn't up to it. (Apparently my prayers are getting a "no" response.) Anyway, there were only three of us who braved the wind and rain to show up: Karen Anderson, Clark Humphrey and yours truly. Karen pretty much carried the conversation. Clark added his comments now and then while cruising the net on his laptop. Me, I just nursed my Pepsi and offered up a handful of insignificant statements. Oh, well, at least I helped to put the tables back when we were done.

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