Saturday, September 29, 2007

What the frell? 

I don't make a good monk. For the past two years I was living in a foreign land, doing without a number of luxuries that we enjoy in these United States. So did that allow me to break my addiction to comfort and materialism. Heck no. Now back in the States I struggle with the temptation to make up for lost time. The most notable addiction I'm gratifying this week is TV. Shopping for English videos overseas was kind of like shopping for vids at the grocery stores. Unless you want the latest blockbusters or older films that nobody else has bothered to buy, you're out of luck. So anyway, I spent the last two years missing a lot of vids I liked, including episodes of Farscape.

Since I eschew cable TV, I missed Farscape when it first aired. I did start watching the series a DVD at a time, thanks to Scarecrow Video, but hadn't even finished the second season before we left. When we got back, on my second trip to the video store, I finished out Season 2. Then, on a whim, I decided to see if the Library had any Farscape disks. Lo and behold, they did! I went ahead and got in line to borrow season 3. I am so glad I voted for the Library bond back when! Anyway, my turn to borrow the dis arrived last week and I was left with two weeks to watch all of Season 3. sigh. I still like the show, but watching a Farscape episode every evening is not the same as getting a 4 episode DVD every couple of months or so. I even wonder if by the time I return the discs I will even like the show any more. Ah, well. Sometimes desire is better than fulfillment.

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