Wednesday, January 21, 2009


(Written on Saturday, posted on... Wednesday? I've gotta manage my time better.)
Heh. Yesterday at work I got to install Adobe Creative Suite 4 on my Mac. One of our customers has upgraded, hence it was time for us to do so as well. So at 7:30 am, when I determined that I could not open the mysterious InDesign file they had sent, I started the installation. Foolish lad that I am, I went and installed the entire suite instead of first installing only the application I needed. Over six hours later, it was done. I probably slowed the process up by continuing to do work on the computer while the installer ran in the background. For that reason, I suppose that I'm better off than years past, when I'd have to sit and swap floppy disks in order to install new software. But... six hours? Sheesh!

(Oh, and I began this post with a chuckle because once the installation had finished. I immediately opened the provided file. It was three lines of text destined for a one color label. If I had a pdf or even a hard copy or that file I could have typeset it scores of times in the time I was waiting. Gotta love it.)

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