Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ooooh wow! I got my name in the paper! A few weeks back, we had a little discussion on our neighborhood listserv over the use of the term "BeHi" as a nickname for Beacon Hill. Well, it turns out that yesterday was a slow news day and the Seattle Times ran an article on the gent who came up with the moniker. The author of the article also lifted my listserv posting in its entirety. Now I'm aglow with my new found fame.

Last I checked, the responses to the article are nigh unanimous in their distaste of the nickname. Either "BeHi" is not as popular as the article makes it out to be, or the "BeHi" faction were out enjoying the sunshine. I mean, if I was younger, hipper, more urban, had a sense of humor and didn't take life too seriously, I suppose I'd be out there too.

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