Thursday, June 30, 2005

Take this job and... 

Well, I officially gave my notice to Wombatsch... twice. Tuesday afternoon I sent off an e-mail saying that my last day was going to be July 29th. Our HR person shot back a reply requesting that I submit things in writing, including my reason for leaving. So after my shift, I wrote up a short note stating my intention to "terminate my employment" on July 29th and that the reason was that my wife had accepted a teaching position in the ol' PRC. I also felt inclined to add something nice, like "Gee, I'll miss you guys" or something. The problem was, I didn't know how honest that would be. As one can tell by my recurrent whining, I am burnt out with this job and the industry. When I was in Minnesota, I really didn't give one thought to the job. I can't even say that I missed my co-workers, though they are a nice bunch of people. (or is that "bunch of nice people?") So I ended up writing "I am leaving behind a very good job and a great group of co-workers", and wished them well. (Of course, this was addressed and given only to my supervisor, who might share it with two or three people, max. But hey, it was late.)

Today I come in and in my e-mail is a note from my supervisor, stating that my letter was the "nicest resignation" she had ever read and inviting me to apply for my old job when and if I come back. (You an be sure I printed out that little mail.) The "nicest" part, however, had me scratching my head for a bit. Finally it occurred to me that few people are probably inclined to write "nice" resignation letters. It's probably all they can do to keep from cussing folks out. (I've composed a few fantasy resignations like that over the years.) Anyway, I've committed myself to departing and got a nice ego stroke in the process. What remains is deciding if I'm going to send the typical farewell blanket e-mail to all my co-workers and if I'm going to tell anyone about the blog. (It would be better than lying to them and saying that I'll remember to keep in touch... I'm so lousy at that.)