Sunday, June 19, 2005

Soon we'll be shopping in Sensurround 

Day eight of our Sauerkraut training

And on the eighth day, we rested.

No classes. No note taking. No cafeteria service. We slept in and after a light breakfast--bagels and fruit--we went to the 11 o'clock service at a local church. For lunch we had ethnic food--a Minnesotan potluck. Actually there was one oddity. Someone had brought an African "soup", served over sticky rice. I qualify "soup" because to me it was more of a vegetable paste with beans and a chunk of meat. Oh, and jalepeños. Those kicked in about five seconds after you took a bite. I managed to down about 3/4 of the rice before I gave up, chomping down on plain bread between spoonfuls. It tasted quite good, but my mouth wasn't up to the challenge.

Afterwards we changed our clothes and hopped public transit to the Mall of America. I had decided to go see
Star Wars III while Noodles and the kids browsed the mall. However, I was cranky most of the way to the mall, as I thought the show started at 3:00 and we only just arrived at that time. We strolled up to the theater anyway and discovered that my memory was bad and that the show didn't start 'til 3:30. A nice little Father's Day present.

[I suppose at this point I should do a review of the film, but I'm too lazy. Suffice it to say that I think I'm getting too old for this sort of thing. I think I spent every fight scene thinking that the Jedi knights were wasting a heck of lot of energy doing their Jedi flips and jumps.]

After the show, I rejoined the family and we strolled through the lower level. We avoided the rides at Camp Snoopy, but we did catch an entertaining act by a trio of acrobats and jugglers. I enjoyed that almost as much as the movie. (Scary how my values are changing...) We then attempted to go dine in the food court, but the food court had closed up. Some of the "sit down" restaurants had later hours, however, so I had a big ol' hamburger at Kokomo's Island Café. Finally we headed back to our home away from home, on a perfect, muggy midwestern night. Life is good.