Friday, June 24, 2005

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine... 

Ah, to be actually online again with my very own laptop! You don't know what it's been like!
Well, duh! How can they know what it's been like if you haven't been able to post?
Voices? Am I hearing voices? Have I gone mad?
Hardly. You're just resorting to a lame literary device to introduce your previous posts from the last two weeks.
The last two weeks? Why, those posts were all rather short and boring. Why would I introduce them?
Sheesh. Who writes this dreck? (ahem) "Why, Hamburger Lad, don't you realize? You may have been offline for most of the past two weeks, but you can travel back in time and change the past. You can make all those posts that you wrote but never posted." You know, the long and boring ones.
Why, you lousy--
Stay in character, burger boy, someone might be reading.
Oh, um, yeah. "Uh, what a wonderful idea. That way I can share all my thoughts on all the Sauerkraut training I received."
Not to mention getting out of posting for the next two weeks...
Shh! "But who are you, kind stranger? And how did you know about my internet problems?"
Oh for crying out loud, just can the script and set the machine back to June 12th. Oh, and you might want to bring extra change on Thursday. the kids are supposed to pay full fare before 6:30....