Monday, June 13, 2005

School days 

Day two of our Sauerkraut training

Crimeny, is it only Monday? It seems like we've been here much longer. Today was just like being back in school--schlepping around my book bag, taking notes, running errands between classes. Of course, it's much worse for Noodles, who actually went to a real college. For me, a proud commuter college grad, sleeping in a dorm room and dining in cafeteria is just a poor substitute for my old bedroom and a quick stop for lunch at Portillo's. (Did I mention that this training is happening on a college campus?)

The sessions focused mostly on business--insurance, aspects of traveling, dealing with paychecks and taxes. In between, I attempted to hook up my iBook to the college's network. The network resisted all of iBook's advances. sniff. So it looks like I'll have to stick to using the library computers during normal library hours. Or find the time and money to buy an Airport card and try to make a wireless connection. Since that is highly unlikely, it looks like this may never make the blog. Oh, well, it's nice to have the leisure to write.

Oh, one other event: Everybody has to meet with the Sauerkraut's shrink to follow up on all those psycho exams we filled out many weeks back. Noodles and I got our review tonight. We were interrupted by a siren which we think signaled a tornado. It took us so long to figure out that we should probably seek shelter, that we didn't even make it down the three flights of stairs to the basement before the siren stopped. I'm hoping that was a real warning siren and not a Sauerkraut test of our ability to act quickly in time of crisis.