Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Right behind 

Day eleven of our Sauerkraut training

And as we head down to the wire, the euphoric fog is dissipating. What was exciting is becoming routine and thoughts of home are starting to creep in. Not that I'm still not enjoying this, mind you. But the end of training is coming at just the right time.

I can't even think of anything exciting to share with you. I crashed a couple of the long termer's sessions, which were good but not really blogable. I also missed a joint session--another Q&A panel featuring the overseas veterans, including the TEFL teachers this time. Fortunately Noodles was there, so she could tell me what jokes I missed. I also made headway with my notes. I think that I might just be able to read through the rest of them, if not tomorrow then over the weekend.

Oh, one thing I did was read over my past entries. Remember the little sarcastic comments I made about the Mandarin lessons? I totally repent of them. Jeff's lessons have been less a straightforward language lesson and more a focus on the sounds, tones and accidentals of the language. It really augments Carol's lessons well.... though I still need a translator.

After supper we got touristy and took public transit over to see Minnehaha Falls. We had a nice hike along Minnehaha Creek from the falls down to where it flows into the Mississippi River. We also enjoyed a selection of short and amusing videos at the Lake Street/Midtown light rail station. A highly recommended destination for the whole family. (I should really expand my
Travel Guide to Seattle one of these days.)

Anyway, one more day and we will be fully equipped and ready to go. China beware!