Thursday, June 16, 2005

Keep on truckin' 

Day five of our Sauerkraut training

The novelty of it all is starting to fade. The morning sessions touched on relationships again, though this time the focus was more on co-workers rather than any ol' person you may encounter. In the afternoon we focused on the home office and what resources they offered to the folks working overseas. They brilliantly scheduled the least interesting topic--the corporate structure--right before the most dynamic speaker--the fundraising coach. With a loud voice and a Missouri twang, she woke us all up, got us out of our seats for some oddball "team building exercise", and then sat us back down and talked us through all her material. You probably won't be surprised to hear that the question and answer session ran over. We are talking money after all.

After supper, Noodles got a ride to a thrift store to replace our broken suitcase. I made yet another attempt to connect my laptop to the internet. This time I borrowed a phone cord and tried to dial up the university's server. I got the server to answer the phone and connect, but the username/password the guy told me to use wasn't accepted. If I had any money, I'd break down and buy an Airport card. (Not that their wireless connection is guaranteed to work.) Oh, well, at least we can check our e-mail easily enough at the library.