Thursday, May 26, 2005

They're breaking up that old gang of mine 

The painting project has started. Today, having a day off of work, I measured all the rooms (to figure out the amount of paint needed), spackled some holes, went out and bought paint and then we took all of the wall hangings down in the living room and I spackled some more holes. We didn't really have any time left to paint, what with our Mandarin lesson and Bunnah's carpentry lesson and all. Maybe Saturday....

But that has nothing to do with my headline. There's been some weirdness at work the last few days. The end of the tale is that the guy who hired me left the company yesterday. I think his official title was head of sales. Back when I was hired he was the production manager and a bit after Bloatmeal bought us out, they booted out the president and made him the head honcho. (Oh, let's see, he needs a nickname. Let's call him Gomez.) When Herman shifted over top head of sales, I don't know. There was no announcement or anything, I just heard one day that he had a new position. Anyway, the weirdness happened last Friday when it was announced that Gomez' wife, another sales person (this place is rife with nepotism. Most of our managers are married to other employees. I think it's because they work so much they get to meet other people...)... Where was I? Oh, yeah. Gomez' wife. It was announced that she got sacked. Nobody knows why--the boss said he wasn't at liberty to give us any details. So anyway, the big speculation was would Gomez stay or go. Well, he went. That means that our three biggest salesfolk are gone. If I wasn't scheduled to leave myself in a couple of months, I might be worried. Less that the shop would collapse than that they knew something about Wombatsch the rest of us didn't. Oh, well. I've seen so many personnel changes over the years, I really shouldn't be surprised.