Thursday, April 14, 2005

Voices carry 

Bleh. Swamped at work, swamped at home. But as much as I want to head home and crash, the desire to post is stronger. I must have picked up an addiction to this writing thing.

Anyhoo, a bit of an oddity: Within the past week I've received two e-mails from people who have discovered my original website. (I'm not linking, as it would reveal my secret identity to the world and make my loved ones vulnerable to my enemies.) (Or however the line goes.) One person was job hunting and must have been researching Bloatmeal. I had a page that mentioned the company name and she stumbled across it. Anyway, she shot me a mail asking for some info on the shop and local prepress scene. The second person was a college student writing a paper on the book Nisei Daughter by Monica Sone. She (the student, not Ms. Sone) found a "review" I had written back in 2002, and sent me a mail asking if I thought the upbeat tone of the book contributed to people trying to minimize the injustice of the Japanese Internment. Of course, I wasn't too busy to give her my two cents on the topic. (Sleep? Who needs sleep when I have caffiene and aspirin?) Anyway, it was all very weird. I'm used to the very occasional response to those words I launched into cyberspace so many years ago, but never have they fallen so close together.