Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Do I have to? 

Um, Joel obliged me to do this meme. I suppose I should question his authority to do this--I mean, can I lose my blogging license if I refuse? But heck, Joel's a nice guy and it won't keep me up too late, right? (Maybe I am a thought follower after all...) Anyway:
  • Three Names You Go By: J, Juanita, and Doodledums

  • Three Screen Names You Have: Hamburger Lad, um... that's all I use anymore

  • Three Things You Like About Yourself: I'm willing to listen, I generally respect people, and I like to laugh

  • Three Things You Dislike About Yourself: Lapses of self control, um... otherwise I get along quite well with myself

  • Three Parts of Your Heritage: German farmers, a career firefighter, and (so I'm told) a doctor

  • Three Things That Scare You: The current administration, my society's dependence on oil, and the depth of my own sinfulness

  • Three Everyday Essentials: Milk, clean underwear, and randy thoughts

  • Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now: blue jeans, a shirt, and glasses

  • Three Favorite Bands/Artists: Balkanarama, Atwater-Donnely, Glenn Kaiser

  • Three Favorite Songs At Present: Another Guitar by the Rainmakers, Listen to Me by Bill Miller, and Balkanarama's current "most requested song" (Roma, Roma or something like that)

  • Three Things You Want To Try/Do In The Next Twelve Months: go to China, aquire a functional level of language ability in Mandarin, and not starve my family with horrible cooking

  • Three Things You Want In A Relationship: Patience, affection, and forgiveness

  • Two Truths And A Lie: It's getting difficult for me to think, the library's parking lot was full earlier this evening, and my mistress is waiting for me.

  • Three Physical Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeal To You: curves, long hair (preferably dark), more curves

  • Three Things You Just Can’t Do: stop snacking, leave the web browser off, and think of a third item for this list

  • Three Favorite Hobbies: Reading, writing, and photography.

  • Three Things I Want To Do Really Badly Right Now: Finish this, go home, and go to sleep

  • Three Careers You Have Considered: Writer, computer programmer, and bookstore owner

  • Three Kid’s Names You Have Considered: Patty, Maggie, and Moth (or Patricia, Margaret and Timothy, legally)

  • Three Things You Want To Do before You Die: Nothing that has to be done--ready when You are, Lord!

  • Three People Who Have To Take This Quiz Now: I'm horrible at delegating