Sunday, April 03, 2005

China Weekend: Sunday 

Today, we made our first initial support raising presentation. It was at our own church, so of course it's tempting to call it a dress rehearsal. The day began painfully. Sunday comes early enough on a normal weekend and daylight savings time helps that not one bit. Noodles was a bit depressed, since she spent a portion of yesterday fussing about the China finances. Even though we had contacted a number of people and received a lot of encouragement, we had yet to garner penny one of the required funds. To me, it was not yet something to fret about, but Noodles was seeing this as a lack of confirmation of the whole scheme. If the money doesn't come in, my plan is to sell the house and fund it ourselves, her plan is to reconsider it all. Wouldn't you know it, two people handed her checks today--before the presentation yet! Crisis averted. (or at least deferred) Anyway, after church we made our spiel and answered questions. It was nice, since we were amongst friends, but it was also odd to be spilling our guts about why we want to do all this. While we've been musing the idea for years, it hasn't been something that has come up in everyday conversation. Suddenly a number of friends became a lot closer. (assuming they don't run away screaming from such weirdos in their midst) So it was with joy in our hearts that we headed home to lunch, a nap and... oh, yeah, I was going to try and work on that newsletter.....