Sunday, April 03, 2005

China Weekend: Friday 

Seems like the highlights of this weekend were all tied in with our China excursion. On Friday morning (I know, technically not the weekend yet, but I hope you'll let it slide) we went forth to apply for our passports. Noddles' and mine expire next year, so we need to renew them. Poodlepums' expired a few years back and Bunnah's Chinese passport doesn't count. So we trucked on over to the bank to get some necessary documentation, then down to Paradise Studios to get our pictures taken and then over the hill to the post office to submit the applications. It was very reminiscent of our adoption trip--filling out forms and writing checks, all in anticipation of an overseas adventure. (And of course, seeing old pictures of the young'uns was a special delight.) Of course, back then the finances weren't as tight and writing the checks wasn't as painful. But things went smoothly and all in all it was a pleasant productive morning.