Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What a day for a daydream 

Got word yesterday that the Sauerkrauts have a definite teaching gig for Noodles over in China. (While they had already accepted her, they needed to find a school that wanted her services.) This generated a nice day of excitement and some concurrent Google searches by Noodles and myself. (Ah, life in the 21st century...) There wasn't much to find, however I did find some sort of news feed being used on three different sites (all in Chinese). Among the articles, one featured a picture of some police chief (I guess they're trying to crack down on drug trafficking) and another featured a shot of elephants. So today I was daydreaming on and off how I would handle being approached by Chinese pushers and wondering if I'd get to see wild elephants. In fact the whole elephant thing is becoming quite appealing. I fear that it may become an obsession and I'll start to make a nuisance of myself, asking people if they know where I can go and see wild elephants. I may even cut a deal with some heroin runners and offer to buy some junk if they can set me up with some elephants. (To see, I mean, not to buy. I mean, how the heck am I going to get an elephant home? I don't think they make elephant carriers for the plane.)(This attempt at humor is too weird. I'm going to shut up now.)