Saturday, March 19, 2005

Listen to the music 

I made an interesting discovery this evening. Poodlepums was complaining that she had some song running through her head and then she mentioned that she always has some tune or other running through her head. A continual music track, if you will. I found this odd, because while I certainly have songs that get stuck in my head from time to time, I also have definite moments of "silence". Almost immediately after this, Noodles came over to where we were and I asked her about her musical status. She, too, has a consciousness accompanied by continual background music. (Well, more than that, she also has musical dreams.) I guess it's no surprise to learn who the musically gifted ones are in our family. (Bunnah takes after her old man in this area.) So now I'm curious, is the continual soundtrack a component of every musical mind? Or do I just have a couple of weirdos in my family?