Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Getting hammered 

Bunnah had her second carpentry class yesterday... er, make that Monday, since the clock slipped past midnight. It's come at a perfectly rotten time, given my general business these days, but it's something we've both been looking forward to. So far we've covered hammering and sawing. Bunnah has approached it with her usual dexterity, but she still is kind of small and so what I thought would be easy tasks for her have turned out to be a bit difficult. Once again I overestimate my children. (I'd make a great stagemother) So far she hasn't sounded too discouraged, so I suppose that's a good sign. She will not, however, go ahead with my silly tradition of starting the lesson by singing The Hammer Song.

Giving these lessons reminded me once again how amazing the human body is. Training is a bit of a challenge for me as it requires me to verbalize stuff I do subconsciously, but it's also fun as I stop to think all the little things that go into hammering a nail or cutting a length of board. There's also a bit of nostalgia as I watch my daughter's struggles and flashback to all the bent nails I created when I was a young'un. I find myself wishing I could guide Bunnah to an immediate proficiency in using the tools she's learning, but I know that the true learning will have to come with hours of practice, trial and error. But oh, the sweet satisfaction that's in store when the job is done. If I can get her started, then I'll have done my job.