Sunday, March 13, 2005

As the sun pulls away from the shore... 

Another blog free weekend. I was expecting that preparation for this China thing would give me some blogging material, but instead it seems to be taking away the time I have to blog. Take this weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon and evening painting the flurshugginer porch. It was a challenge, but once I finished it looked great! Of course, the sun had set and I didn't notice all the imperfections until this morning, but by porchlight it was beautiful. Anyway, I then did a quick clean up and ate supper. After dishes, I ignored my responsibilities to the blogosphere and sat down and watched GalaxyQuest. It was the right decision. Then today, after church, I finished the painting clean-up, scanned and cleaned up a picture for our fundraising activities, and wrote a couple of letters. After the dinner/dishes break, I spent the time looking over the fund-raising packet (which had arrived Friday) and dashed off a couple more letters.

sigh. It finally dawned on me that by embarking on this venture, I have basically taken on a second job. It really hit home when I was perusing materials and only paid close attention to the bits about building web sites to stay in touch with supporters. If my mind starts wandering, I know it must be work. Of course, I don't mind at all. Whatever energies I expend or unused muscles I stretch, I'm still gaining enthusiasm for the change ahead. Still, it's going to take some work and I don't want to short change the responsibilities I still have. Sounds like a recipe for a growing experience.