Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We hardly knew ye 

I began the work day rather depressed. I found out that a co-worker's father had died. Now I'm not empathetic enough that such an occurrance would normally affect me beyond the usual sympathy and prayers one might offer to a greiving friend. I mean, this man--whose name I don't even know--isn't a big part of my life. I have, however, been able to eavesdrop on his world. My co-worker's desk is within earshot and since she is blessed with a loud voice, I've heard her side of a number of conversations with her parents. She's in Seattle, they're in Anchorage and yet they call her quite regularly. Anyway, from this end of the phone line, her Dad sounded like a really fun guy--definitely someone who enjoyed and loved his daughter. I'm kind of amazed at how I could get an impression of this complete stranger, and how I can be saddened by his loss. I'd like to think that it speaks to the caliber of this man. Or maybe just the caliber of his relationship with his daughter. Either way, death sucks.