Sunday, February 27, 2005

Two, two, two posts in one 

One of the recurring problems I have with my blogging is that something happens, I decide to blog about it but put it off 'til the next day. From there the results vary--I lose interest in blogging about it, something else happens that was more blogworthy, or I put it off for yet another day. So it happened this week. But this time I'm going to try and catch up. So here is the double feature post:

Ooooh, my wallet hurts. Noodles, that psychic wife of mine (I mean general psychic, not marital psychic. All wives are marital psychic.), had a sneaking hunch that our proch replacement was venturing over budget. Yesterday we received confirmation that this was so. 1500 bucks. Ouch! This being our first foray into serious home improvement we were nigh devastated by the shock. Paying that up front would run us into debt. (Well, I guess either way we're in debt, either to the contractor or the credit card company.) Fortunately, the contractor has said that they would be flexible with our paying the added costs. Still it threw us on war footing--all unnecessary expenses are hereby cancelled for the duration. sigh. But the porch does look beautiful. And there was enough scrap lumber to provide for Bunnah's carpentry lessons.

Had a good time watching Balkanarama tonight. (Okay, so we've bent the definition of "unnecessary expenses" a bit. I'm unused to this poverty thing.) They had a performance/recording session over at the Seattle Drum School. I guess the School does this on a regular basis. The guy I talked to said that usually they feature pop or blues artists--this foray into world music was something new. Anyway, after a three song set by a duo doing Indian-style music (didn't catch their name, alas), Balkanarama did a six or seven song set. They had a couple of false starts and ended up redoing two of the songs. Not that we really noticed the problems. It was a nice, intimate space with only four rows of seating. The crowd was quite small, and nobody danced (not even Poodlepums!), but that didn't seem to hamper their performance. So anyway, now I'm trying to figure out where else I can see this band. I've seen them at a recording session. I've seen them at festivals--outdoors, in a mall and at the Seattle Center. We caught them in a restaurant. I've even seen half of the band in a bar, when they played as Eva Moon's backup band. What's left? On the street corner? In a high school gym? In a big arena show? (ugh, scary thought. I wouldn't begrudge them having that sort of fan base but... ugh, what a comedown that would be.) I know. Maybe if I sell the porch I can hire them for the girls' weddings. That would be fun.