Monday, February 07, 2005

Round-em up 

I've been lax in blogging about a couple of things, so here's the (hopefully) short list of things on my mind:
You might have noticed that I had a book on t'ai chi on my reading list. The book was subtitled "10 minutes to well-being" so I thought, "Great! A simple exercise that I can do before bedtime that might alleviate my all too common morning headaches. Well, the exercises might have taken 10 minutes, but learning them was going to require a bit more dedication. During the week I had it checked out from the library, I never once came home and thought, "Hey, I could try that t'ai chi now." My thoughts turned either to bed or conversation with my wife, on those evenings she was awake. (Then there's thoughts of bed and wife, but I won't go there.) Maybe sometime I might take up a bit of t'ai chi, but it will have to be via some sort of class. For now, I'll have to settle for self-medication with Anacin and Pepsi and maybe the radical notion of not staying up so late.

I failed to mention that on February 1st Wombatsch officially bought out Bloatmeal. We got a nice little e-mail from Mr. Wombatsch telling us that the deal was complete and assimiliation was commencing and, oh yeah, Bloatmeal's CEO was getting the axe in favor of Junior Wombatsch. I can't say I was really happy that Mr. CEO was the first to go, but it seemed to be a nice touch somehow. Of course, later that night, it occurred to me that it would be an ideal situation if I got to be one of those laid off with a nice severence package, seeing how I'm hoping to quit and all. Probably won't happen, though.

I heard the news that Enterprise has been cancelled. Can't say that I was really saddened. I wonder if it's blasphemous to say that the franchise has pretty much been sucked dry? Or maybe they can retcon the old series like they've been doing in comics for years and years.

Whilst exploring new spaces, I came across The Mysterious Traveler and stayed long enough to calculate my Starbucks density. Do you believe that I have 79 Starbucks stores within 5 miles of my house? (including the store at corporate HQ) sheesh. Now if only one of them served Vienna Beef hot dogs, I might actually patronize it.
Well, glad that's all clear. Now I can go home and get ready for our interview with the Sauerkrauts tomorrow. I'm not quite sure if it's an honest-to-Ghandi job interview or just a getting-to-know-you chat. Noodles made me cut my hair, just in case.