Tuesday, February 22, 2005


The wait is over. The Hamburger clan is cleared to go to China. Unofficially. Noodles finally broke down and called the Sauerkrauts this afternoon. (One can only check the e-mail so often in a day.) Turns out that we were also supposed to be interviewed by the team leader in Yunnan. Apparently it all depnded on her okay. Well, happily for us, we were going to be talking to her tonight. (Noodles has been corresponding with her for a while now and she was going to call to answer some questions.) So the "interview" was tacked onto the phone call. She gave us her rubber stamp and Noodles spent the rest of the evening making phone calls, sending e-mails and writing letters. Of course, we haven't got anything in writing yet. And they have yet to send us our official Sauerkrauts secret decoder ring...