Sunday, February 06, 2005

At the end of the day 

Well, this time I am posting this from the laptop. Not that there's any good reason to be posting from the laptop. I actually just shut off the desktop machine after sending out a couple of mails. (It's been a productive weekend--I wrote three letters today.) (Well, one I started last night.) But I must use the new technology once just to say I've done it. Actually, I already did find a practical use for the machine earlier today. I tried to access a site that wasn't coming up on my desktop machine. Whether the fault was with iCab or System 8, I don't know. But I was able to hook this puppy up and access it with good ol' Netscape Navigator. (It'll be real nice once they deliver OS X and I can use Safari or Firefox.) It's nice to have options.

Anyway, I have nothing significant to write. I almost finished my taxes, but selling off some mutual fund investments we had made for the kids have taken me into unknown realms of the tax code. I'll have to contact the friendly folks at the IRS for guidance. I was so tempted to run to H&R Block. Sometimes I miss the days when I could just fill out the EZ form.