Sunday, January 23, 2005

Under the weather 

Something fishy is going on around here. Friday we awoke to find that Bunnah--the Invincible Bunnah, who merely laughs at the viruses that knock down her sister--was running a fever. We set her up on the couch, kept her comfortable and hydrated, and commenced the day with an altered schedule. Saturday, the fever was still there. So we cancelled the shopping excursion planned for today. Noodles also consulted various medical books, Poodlepums turned her incredible imagination to every thing that could possibly go wrong and I went in to work to put in some overtime. This morn, the child was again feverish, though not enough to lose her stubbornness. (I had to threaten to squirt liquid acetominaphin into her mouth before she would eat her second acetominaphin tablet.)(According to Bunnah, the medicine packages lie when they claim their product is cherry flavored.) Noodles and I played tag-team church--I satyed home while she went in to play the piano for first service, and then she stayed behind while I went to usher for the second. Then, after a phone call to the consulting nurse, we took a family visit to Group Health's Urgent Care center. Near as they could figure, Bunnah has a touch of influenza. Nothing worth panicking over, but serious enough to alter our plans for another two days. (Darn! That's two potential blog entries out the window.)

The weird thing is that I'm not alone here. Yesterday, I did my daily blog circuit, and what did I read? Sherri is sick. Joel is sick. Anita was sick on Wednesday. The Leung family has a complete account of their daughter's recent surgery. And now I'm feeling tired and my head hurts. Well, actually that's the way I usually feel on Sundays. But the rest makes me wonder if blog linking can spread disease.