Friday, January 07, 2005

Reality check 

Got an e-mail last night from the Sauerkrauts, the folks under whose auspices Noodles wants to go to China and teach English. They've got our applications and some of our references, and they've also got a price tag for our little adventure: $20,000. My first reaction was 20,000? Wow! That's a lotta dough. My second reaction was 20,000? For a family of four? Wow! How do we move there permanently? Anyway, it did make the whole idea a bit more concrete and started me thinking on the details. Not the 20 grand itself, since that should, theoretically, be handled through fundraising. (though perhaps I'm being too optimistic there) I'm thinking more about the transition times when we move from our comfy little status quo to relying on the kindness of strangers and then back again. Maybe even trying to tighten the belt while I'm still working. Of course, this is all just echoing a post I made almost a year ago. I am such a procrastinator...