Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Meet me in Bellevue-ee, Louie 

This month, I made it to the Bellevue-East Side Weblogger Meetup tonight. I briefly considered skipping it, as they were shutting down our department's server at 11:00 pm and I wanted to get in my 8 hours, but then I realized I would probably be doing catalog work, which is on a different server. Anyway, this was the smallest crowd I experienced. In attendance were:

Anita Rowland of Anita's LOL
Klausner of Opinions and A**holes
David Gellar of As if..., and
Hamburger Lad of Hamburgerland

There was no music to contend with this time around--the closest we got to cacophony was when someone was doing some hammering as they were dismantling The Compleat Cook store. It was pretty much just idle chit-chat, though the talk got more technical when David showed up. He showed off the blogging tool his company has put in their e-mail platform. I was impressed, but then I'm usually awed by the latest technology...at least 'til I get to the price tag. Anyway, the system's geared for businesses, so I doubt if it'll be gracing my computer anytime soon. (Unless our new overlords decide to upgrade the e-mail system here at work.)(Nah. Who wants a bunch of blogging pre-press operators? "Did you see the fleshtones in that catalog? Oy! I thought I was watching the SciFi Channel...")

Okay, I'm really getting off topic there. I should get home and wrap birthday presents. All in all, I once again had an enjoyable lunch hour, even if I didn't eat lunch.