Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm happy he didn't sneeze 

A belated Happy MLK Day to one and all. I'm not one for celebrating civic holidays--I don't go to the cemetary anymore on Memorial Day, I don't wear Union colors on Labor Day. I do watch the Forth of July fireworks, but that's for its entertainment value rather than to celebrate being an American. So it was today, my only observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was to avoid trying to go to the bank. Democracy Now! however, decided to celebrate by airing the speech Dr. King gave the night before he was murdered. I didn't intend to listen closely as I worked, but I couldn't help myself. The speech, the ideas he expressed were just magnificent. Listening to the beauty of his words, I couldn't understand why anyone would want him dead. But of course, as my heart stirred in response to his speech, I knew damn well why his life was cut short. A person who can move others to change is dangerous. And so this world was deprived of a great man. But I'd like to think Dr. King is having the last laugh as his words and memory lives on to inspire another generation.

Of course, as powerful as Democracy Now's tribute was, I think the honors for best MLK tribute has to go to Jon over at Smartbrother. Can't top cute kids.