Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Don't bother me, I'm busy 

Did I say that I wasn't going to complain about overtime this year, due to the increased expenses of getting the house ready to rent? Feh. The clarion call was sent out on Monday and I was anything but eager to join the fun. I ended up leaving on time on Monday, though yesterday I put in an hour and a half. If it was only my life, I think I should have left last year. But it's not, so here I am.

It's odd how a lot of doors seem closing right now. I am thoroughly disillusioned with the pre-press industry and my current company. At church, the other big pillar of life this past decade, the powers that be are moving away from Chinese ministry and aspire to become a church I'm not really sure I want to attend. Or rather, I should say the type of church to which I don't want to dedicate much of my life. And I'm even letting go of many of my entertainments--cancelling comic subscriptions, packing up eternal projects like photo albums and family tree research. Maybe it's the Hand o' God, maybe it's just a normal subconscious reaction to change. I don't know. Living in China has been Noodles' dream, but more and more I'm starting to look forward to it. So when the responsibilities of today come calling, I'm quickly irritated.