Sunday, December 05, 2004

Where's the food? 

One holiday celebration down. Today we celebrated Poodlepums' birthday. Her Grandma and Auntie came up for church, then dinner, cake and presents. Then later in the afternoon we went out to Trinity Lutheran College to catch their annual Advent Festival Concert. Finally we returned home for supper and to wash a big pile of dishes. (Actually, Grandma and Auntie departed before that last event, mostly because our kitchen only fits two comfortably.)

The concert was the most interesting part of the day. Attending has become a tradition for us and we've enjoyed a number of performances over the years. This year, I think I came with an attitude, as there was a new director and some remodeling done to the chapel. I was wondering if things could be as good as they used to be. Overall, I would say that they were, though the discussion over supper was somewhat nitpicky. Some of the changes were welcome, others were not. But they were all changes, dolgarnit, and that makes us old folks cranky. The children, of course, had no such complaints and Poodles spent the evening singing the songs and Bunnah used her sister's new music stand to pretend that she was a choir director. Once again the elders miss the wisdom of the young.