Wednesday, December 08, 2004

grumble, grumble 

This should've been my Weblogger Meetup report, but we got dumped on at work. I was actually heading towards the timeclock in order to punch out to lunch when I was asked to copy some files and then found out that we had six new jobs that needed to be finished tonight. grumph! I suppose in a couple of months, when those beverage ads are up all over the place, I'll feel that it all was worth it.... no I won't.

In addition to endless variations of beverage ads, I also had a blast from the past--a brochure built in PageMaker 6.5. (The PC version of PM 6.5, but PM 6.5 nonetheless.) I can't remember the last time I worked on a PageMaker job. I could feel the dust being shaken off the neural pathways as I tried to rember how to work things. Despite the annoyance of having to work on the PC, I have to say I enjoyed the job. The variety of applications used in the department really has become a thing of the past. I wonder how many other shops have been swallowed up by the Adobe monster?

I'm going home now....