Wednesday, November 17, 2004

To everything, there is a season 

I came across a interesting blog yeaterday, done by an English teacher in China. (Okay, I didn't really just "come across" it. I lifted the link from Slumberland. I never find anything interesting when I do my own cyber wandering.) Given Noodles' own ambitions to teach in China, I just had to read the whole thing. It brought back some memories of our adoption trip (riding the train, the challenge of crossing the street, being a "celebrity" in the streets of Maoming) as well as planting some seeds of anxiety. ("Oh, crap, what if I need to get a key fixed in China!") (Better get those language tapes I was thinking about back in January.)

Being pointed to this blog now is rather good timing. Noodles has started the application process, thinking that we might shoot for getting to China by next fall. For some bizarre reason, the Sauerkrauts want me to fill out an application as well. Which means that I have to dig up three references. As well as find a phone number for my former employer whom I think might be out of business. (Hmmm, I suppose I should try to call the number and see if it's in service.)(Then I suppose I should say hello and all that.)(Oh, the things I must suffer for the cause...) Anyway, since the application requires me to provide employer contacts, I've sent off an e-mail to my boss to let her know what's up. This is the second time in my life that I've given "six months' notice". I suppose I should be thankful. I'm sure it beats getting laid off.