Friday, November 05, 2004

'Tis the season to go shopping 

Here it is November 5th and I'm thinking about Christmas shopping. Not for my loved ones, but for me. Various loved ones endeavor to buy things for me, but they usually get exasperated in the process. The problem is that they ask me what I want, but there's nothing I really need. What's left are those gifts that would be too expensive or those that are too esoteric for my suburban family members. For example, tonight I learned about The Bob Walkenhorst Online Shop. Bob used to front a band called The Rainmakers, who made themself my favorite band back in the late 80s. I'd love to get a T-shirt, but the only place to get them are via the internet--a place that is terra incognita for my gift buying elders--or maybe Kansas City. I don't feel comfortable asking for something that would put them to so much trouble. Likewise, I wouldn't send them out for Sluggy Freelance books, Rez CDs, selected comic collections, a Harvest Logos gift certificate, or old computer junk from RE•PC. (Well, I suppose I could get them used Macs for Christmas and help them get online....) It would be a lot easier if we could skip the gift thing, but tradition is tradition. And I also know how fun it is to spoil your kids. Ah, well, I suppose I could always ask for socks....