Thursday, November 25, 2004

Outta here 

Haven't had time to write. The boss was asking for overtime so we can all have a four-day weekend. (Our customers were attempting to thwart that by cleaning off their desks by the end of today.) So I've been working late. And then the daytime has been busy with holiday preparations--having the kids' Christmas photos taken and renting vids for the Thanksgiving gathering with my in-laws. We thought to rent a few classic TV shows for a mini-TV marathon. I can't describe how painful it was to go to Scarecrow Video and let my wife pick the vids. No Farscape or silent films this turkey day. Of course, I do have to return the vids on Friday and could always rent some more...

Not that I necessarily have time to watch anything. All sorts of little events planned for the four-day weekend--seeing Balkanarama (again) at Winterfest, going to a brithday party (mmm, dim sum!), and *urg!* shopping. The birthday season is coming up and the kids need toys. Or books. Or something musical. I don't know. That's why I must shop.

Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving.