Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Now what? 

Poop. I listened to the candidates, considered the issues, psyched myself that the Bush administration was evil incarnate and then... George Bush won anyway. So now what do I do? Last night I was depressed. Today I'm more angry. (I forget what comes next in the grief cycle... sneezy? No, that's the 7 dwarves.) I don't know why I'm reacting this way. I've only managed to vote for the winning presidential candidate twice in my life. I should be used to this. Maybe my depression stems from the fact that I've recently been on the losing side in church politics, too. Or maybe I just listened to too much progressive spin and ignored the polls that said Herr Bush was gonna win. I don't know...

I suppose the question now is, what's next? I suppose the activist would advise to get a good night's sleep and hit the ground running tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit too defeatist to do that. I also have to question if I'm supporting the right battle. A few weeks back, the thought occurred to me that maybe the best way to fight for the folks in Iraq would be for us "good guys" to put our lives on the line, go over there and help out directly. Work on building some infrastructure rather than building coalitions or whatever else the politicos are advising. Of course, I personally don't have the cajones to do it myself. Isn't that a battle cry for a doomed cause?