Saturday, November 06, 2004

Lazing on a Saturday afternoon 

Well, I dispensed some "Daddy Time" to the girls today. For a couple of hours I was at the girls' beck and call as they decided what fun thing we should do together. Bunnah wanted to do some web surfing--something she's not really done before--to see what pictures Atwater-Donnelly, Balkanarama and Lynn Johnston had on their respective sites. Poodlepums, however, insisted that I write in a joint story that we haven't been writing in. Okay, actually she's been writing in it. I've been remiss. Anyway, it was a slightly frustrating time, as she had introduced a sad secret which she expected me to reveal. I didn't want to, so the hour was spent with each of us avoiding telling the secret and then leaving a hook for the other to make the revelation. I emerged from the session victorious, though I had to resort to breaking the milieu and hiding the revelation behind a faux emergency alert. Defeated she finally did reveal the secret, which was the unexpected death of a roadie named Rosa. I didn't find it all that sad, myself, at least not to the point of breaking into tears when I heard the tale. I guess you had to be there.

Poodlepums' rebuttal: By the way, Rosa didn't really die. Daddy will have to give some reason for the woman who's narrating this entire thing to be standing with this acclaimed Rosa, who happened to "die" at an Atwater-Donnelly concert, no insult intended.