Thursday, November 04, 2004

The cure for what ails ya 

Went to the Eastside Weblogger meetup tonight, and it seemed to work wonders for my mood. Makes sense, sort of. I mean hanging with your friends tends to put one in a good mood, right? So why shouldn't hanging with a group of total strangers do the same? Okay, that's weird. Anyhoo, I went and managed to talk even less than I did last time. There was a smaller turnout than last month--only 10, including myself--and that seemed to be the right number to include everyone in a single conversation. The discussion was slightly more eclectic than last time, certainly less technical. It included things like the dark side of NPR and the concept of a "work boyfriend". We had to compete with Crossroads Mall's Open Mike night, but that only provided another topic for converstaion. All in all, another good time, even if it did mean that my shift extended past midnight. Anyhoo, Anita Rowland, our master of ceremonies, has a list of attendees which you can check out. I know I will.