Friday, November 12, 2004

Bring the family 

I think it's going to be another late night. Tonight, I was able to make the rounds to all my favorite blogs and message boards, so I went over to Meetup.com to see what was up with the Seattle Weblog Group. I then started poking around and made the "well duh!" discovery that Meetup serves far more than bloggers. So now I'm browsing around and found some really unique groups. I signed up for the Classic Films group, even though I don't have time for such things. Just couldn't resist getting second in line. I did not sign up for the Ex-Chicagoans Meetup Group, since there's none in Seattle. I don't know what I'd do at one anyway--complain about the lack of quality hot dogs in Seattle? Anyway, some more observations:

--I was surprised that the Seattle Burlesque Meetup Group only has one member. I would think there would be all sorts of guys signing up for that.
--I can't understand how the Luddite group manages, since I would think that a good Luddite wouldn't own a computer.
--It was disappointing to discover that the Bad Customer Service group wasn't a "how-to" group.
--Pirates Groups. Aarrgghhhh!
--Nobody has got around to starting a Seattle Procrastinator Meetup yet.
--There are even Lutheran Meetup Groups. Of course, in my day, we called that "church". :-/
--Of course, the weirdest of the weird is the Meetup Meetup Group. Isn't that like a Support Group support group?