Monday, October 11, 2004

Spoke too soon 

I thought my day was done when I posted last night. But then I decided to add a few tidbits to my genealogy database. I ended up spending at least 45 minutes using census records, online church records and info I dug up back in Illinois to straighten out my great-, great-grandfather's family. Those goofy krauts had to name their children after all of their sponsors and apparently the kids were so bad that each one needed at least three godparents to keep them on the straight and narrow. So my great-grandmother Anna Sophie Magdalena Carolina Trampolina Hindenburg Schnitzelmitnoodles or whatever it was, had a sister named Anna Sophie Magdalena Alvina etc. And since the children were baptized at two different churches, some researcher had listed the two girls as twins. (At least in the original family tree I had cribbed from.) Anyway, it was nice to have figured it out (having the extra RAM to run multiple applications with impunity is so sweet), but I really could have used the extra sleep.