Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Call 425-564-5000 

KBCS is in the middle of their Fall pledge drive, so for the past week I've been hearing a smidgen of music and a bunch of deejays telling me how wonderful community radio is and nagging me to call in my pledge. I'm kind of surprised that I really don't find that too annoying. I mean, sure, the hawkers have their moments of tediousness and inaccuracy. (Like today when one claimed that the KBCS news programs are unbiased.) But overall I don't mind the chatter and find myself caught up in their enthusiasm. Maybe it's because, unlike public television, I'm not tuned in for a particular show, but rather just want to hear some music while I work. I don't know.

Of course, I haven't actually renewed my membership yet. I did volunteer a couple weeks back to answer phones but nobody returned my e-mail. It's kind of disappointing, but only when I hear about all the food they offer the volunteers. Anyway, I am planning on pledging--I just need to figure out during which show to pledge. I did a blues show and the Celtic music program the last two times I called in. I wanted to pledge during "The Old Country", but things were so busy on Sunday that I missed it. I also failed to call in last night during the zydeco-spinning "Eh Toi!". I briefly thought about pledging during Saturday's "The Hawaii Radio Connection", but I really only enjoy it for the banter rather than the actual music. I suppose I could call in during the morning--as I enjoy an occasional splash of big band music. More likely I'll pledge tonight during "The Spice Route" or tomorrow during "Music of Africa".

UPDATE, 10 pm: I called in tonight. After a half hour, no one had called into "The Spice Route". Either folks don't appreciate South Asian music (which is growing on me each week), or all the regular listeners are Red Sox fans and in the midst of celebration.