Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It was 20 years ago today 

On this day, twenty years ago, I first met my wife... maybe. Today is the 20th anniversary of Mr. and Ma Z. I went to high school with Ma Z, then Ms. H, and we kept in touch. In 1984, she announced that she was getting married to Mr. Z and I was invited to the wedding. Then, a few weeks before the wedding, I was asked to stand up for the wedding, since one of their original groomsmen backed out. So on the afternoon of September 15th (National Donut Day), 1984, I was standing in a line with the happy couple, their parents and a collection of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Some people greeted everybody, others just walked past us supporting cast members. Anyway, one of the wedding guests happened to be Noodles, who was attending college with Ma Z. Neither of us recall if we happened to greet each other or not but it's certainly possible. Ironically, Ma Z's mother, upon meeting Noodles a few years earlier, had suggested that Ma Z should introduce her to me. I sure wish someone had thought of that at the wedding--it might have made the reception more fun. (Since I didn't have a date.)

So, many thanks and congratulations to the Z's! (Sorry I forgot to get a card....)