Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Did the Puyallup 

Just should mention that I did sneak an unnecessary dreidel into the Puyallup Fair. Okay, maybe sneak is a bit of hyperbole--they had security dudes checking bags, but nobody was frisking people. There was also a sign stating that one should not bring knives, guns, etc. into the fairgrounds. Then later I saw a booth that offered knife sharpening. An old sign perhaps? Then I came across a booth that sold knives! So much for security.

Otherwise, there was not much to report from the fair. I managed to resist buying the latest Quichua Mashis cd, which is good since that left me enough cash for supper. I also did a very odd thing for me. The poltical booths were giving out campaign stickers. As the day progressed, I noticed more Bushites showing their colors than Kerryites. After a while, it bugged me enough that I actually went and got a Kerry sticker for myself. Must have been lack of sleep or something.