Thursday, August 19, 2004

Time keeps on ... dragging, dragging, dragging 

24 hours until the work week ends and less than 36 'til we embark to visit the clan back in Illinois. I've been fairly good on getting things prepared this week. The one exception being doing some planning for genealogical research. I like to do at least some research when I visit the land of my ancestors, but once again I'm just going to shove a bunch of notes into an envelope and figure out where and what I want to research when I get there. Part of me is tempted to cruise around and try and find tombstones, but since I'll be borrowing the car and won't really learn all that much from the exercise, I'll probably pass. Anyway, since I've abandoned genealogy planning, the only tasks left to do is to make sure the bills are paid, the checkbook is balanced, the paycheck is deposited and my stuff gets packed.

In past years, a vacation back to Illinois meant a vacation from the computer and the internet, but I think this year'll be different. Not only do my folks now have internet access, but, as we discovered last year, the Roselle Public Library offers internet access to the public during the day. Since I'll be taking along my trusty, all-purpose steno book, I'll probably be tempted to journal and then post it from the field. Then again, I may get caught up in rambunctious games of Uno and totally forget about it all. We'll see what happens. One thing's for sure: I won't be whining about work.