Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Stay the course 

Well, I checked out that job opportunity a bit more, despite the fact that vacation is approaching and my mind is already there. I decided to take pass on it. It sounds like a good employer with good benefits, but if if I were to actually get the job I'd be going back to 2 weeks of vacation time and we'd have to switch to a different HMO. (That would be fine with me, as I've had two "primary care providers" leave the system since I've been insured there, but Noodles would hate to leave her doctor behind.) If I were looking for a long term change, I'd go for it. But since we're looking to start Noodles' career change next year, I'm just going to hang onto the extra vacation and (probable) higher salary. So farewell to the short commute and the weekly free pound of coffee.